How this FREE CHECKLIST helped me reach 10k Pageviews in less than 30 days.

Do you ever just feel overwhelmed trying to maintain a consistent presence on all those various social media platforms?


free social media checklist


We all know that social media is a force to be reckoned with, when it comes to potential for driving pageviews to your blog. That’s where your audience is spending their time online, after all. And somehow you have to go get them, and bring them over to your page.

But especially if you can’t afford an easy automated service to schedule every platform for you, it can really feel like you’re swimming circles in the dark. Believe me, I know that feeling!

When I was in my first month of blogging, trying to figure out how to best use all of the various social media platforms that were so new to me, it was overwhelming. I’d read several studies about how to get the most out of each platform. These studies and articles covered things like: how often to post, best times of day for posting, and other ways of maximizing social media engagement.

Want to know what I found out from all those studies? There’s a LOT of conflicting advice out there!

So I kept trying different advice until I found what worked for me. After a lot of experimentation, I figured out a posting schedule that clicked, and really helped to start driving pageviews to my blog.

In my new book, I cover in detail ALL of the strategies that helped me grow my blog to 5-digit traffic in less than a month, including detailed tips, techniques, and strategies for each platform.

But can I share with you the single most important social media strategy I found?


That’s it. Just showing up daily in every one of your various social media circles. Consistently being real. Consistently caring about your audience. Consistently being active and engaged.

It’s not going to squash your growth if you’re not posting at exactly the right time of day, or with the perfect frequency, or with all the right hashtags. Those things might carry some weight, but they’re not everything.

They key isn’t doing it perfectly. It’s just doing it!

For me, I knew that actually succeeding at having a consistent daily presence on social media meant that I needed to make it easy on myself. Because let’s face it – it’s pretty overwhelming trying to stay on top of half a dozen social media accounts. Especially when you’re just figuring out how to use most of those social platforms!

free social checklist

This very simple, daily posting schedule is what did the trick for me. I found that actually printing a copy each day and putting it by my computer, checking off each task as I completed it, was the most effective way to guarantee I did everything I needed to. Plus, I really love checking things off lists.

This Social Media Sharing Checklist is one of the tools I developed as part of my blog growth strategy, and it’s the same checklist that I still use today.

I hope you find it helpful! I actually encourage you to play around with it a bit, and find what works best for you. Keep in mind that YOU are going to become the expert on your audience!

Your audience is out there. Don’t be discouraged if they’re not flocking to your page yet! You just need to go out and find them, where they’re spending their time online. And consistent, organized social media engagement will help you do that!









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